• That has nothing to do with the mother. she just needs more training. keep tring and she'll get the hang of it.
  • Cats are smart. Just keep putting her in the box when she shows the signs and you should have no problem. My kittens have only ever been shown once and they were fine. Patience.
  • I just got a 4 week old kitten to and mine is also taken away from the mother to early but that doesent seem to be a problem me and my little girl are so loving to her and have been showering her with toys and trying all kinds of different types of litter and size boxs a she was perfect for a week all the sudden she is pooping everywhere so we bought a repelent and sprayd it in the worst spots as so as i find a poop i pick her up and take her to it have look at it and say bad kitten then take her to her litter box and say good kitty if she goes potty if she does it again ill put her in the bathroom with the litter box and keep her there for 15 min at a time when she does the right thing i give her the whole house again and praise her so far its worked great but i do feel im raising another child and i love it i named her hello kitty i hope thats better for you.liza
  • I would place the cat in one room only, with newspapers,and the cat box. Remove the paper it uses immediately. It will only take a few days.
  • That's why it's called potty TRAINING. It takes awhile for them to catch on. I am in the middle of housebreaking a puppy----no fun but it takes a lot less time than potty training a human child!! Have patience, she will catch on.
  • Make an account HERE: Then search your question there, but also post it as a newcomer. You'll find it's the single greatest resource for a cat owner ever. They're great people. They WILL have answers, and work to help you. One caution though: if you hang about and read, as an ongoing daily member, you'll find some of the posts are traumatic things people are going through. Some of that might just stick with ya. People lose a cat, it's like losing a child, you know. .........But make an account and seek knowledge there now. Your subject is no doubt one well-covered; just use the search function and introduce yourself with a question.

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