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  • it just means that he's too big inside you for you to adapt and acutally have vaginal orgasms, however if he pays more attention to your clit then you'll have a lot more success. And yes, some women cannot orgasm from vaginal stimulation, however in this case I think he is just too big for your body to adapt to rapidly.
  • A big cock does not always constitute having orgasms. When I'm penetrating my ladies, and know they are trying to cum but can't, depending on the position, I will flicker my snake like tongue all around her nipples at a turbo speed and she will cum. But the secret is for him knowing how to control his tongue and working it in rhythum. Plus the angle he's penetrating you will also make a difference. Hope this helps. Magic T
  • Unfortunately a guy having a big cock doesn't mean he's automatically a good lover. In fact, most guys with big Cocks are so self absorbed they don't even care if she gets off or not. Being a guy who has big cock, myself, I know that you have to be careful not to penetrate to deep. But suffice it to say, if the guy can learn how to move, he will be able to get you off no problem. BTW it doesn't matter if he makes you cum with his tongue or his cock, as long as you are satisfied. My first GF had her clit buried in her pussy lips, she seldom came while I was in her. I used to bury my face in her pussy, and lick her clit, and I could get her to come over and over again. Find something that he does that will make you come, and keep doing it!
  • simple... you need to try having sex with other guys and see if you can cum.. you will get the answer real quick!
    • examtoast
      shitty answer
  • My ex was like that. Very frustrating but fairly common i hear

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