• Sadly, yes.
  • In general I don't think looks have anything to do with how successful someone is.
  • in today's society, absolutely.
  • It really depends on how you measure success. I am butt ugly and think my situation in life is not too bad.
  • No, looks has nothing to do with how succussful a person is in their life! :) There have been many pretty/handsome people end up in govt. housing, and on food stamps, and many ugly people that have been very successful!
  • There is a direct correlation between beauty and a higher level of success.
  • I think just confident people are more successful, so if someones looks is what makes them confident then yes they are, but I also know many many not so good looking people who are confident and are still successful.
  • Yes. They have more choices. They can even become models and actors/actresses, and earn big bucks.
  • i think so. though POSSIBLY someone may get jealous and stab them in the face or something but thats not all that bound to happen. i don't envy them though
  • Here is a fascinating website that may answer this question for you. I usually don't use links as my primary answers, but in this case, I feel this website describes it better than I could. (btw, I really like your avatar!)
  • Not really. Look at "Bill Gates." I HIGHLY doubt his wife married him because she found him hot!
  • I don't believe so. Their looks have nothing to do with how good a brain they have. I do think that good looking people have it a little easier in life than those who aren't as good looking.
  • no it's the people who are confudent in there self that are successful in life.
  • It depends how you define success. If you think being a skinny model is success, than yes, you need good looks. But when I see all the multi-millionairs in the world, most of them are quite homely. I think because they were less popular in school, they focused on studying and became successes. Just my thought. Downrate it if you want!
  • I think life is easier, for sure. People are more likely to trust someone that has a friendly and attractive face. You get things for free, people in general treat you better. Obviously a person success is up to them. There are plenty of really pretty strippers out there, who probably make good money, but I don't consider that sucessful. Actors and Models are successful based on their looks, but without the talent and drive they are just good looking un-employeed people.
  • No, it just is given to them and they do not have to work for it because of looks, but once the looks are gone they have to work harder to keep the job because now they will be based on what they know and not looks. The ugly knows the work and retains the highest paying jobs. So the ugly wins in the long run.
  • Successful people that bought their appearance (cosmetic surgery) kinda skew the metrics...
  • Yeah,that's initially but, on a long run they can't rely just on the looks.They need to have extra stuffs to keep them going. In a job interview or dating job looks are bonus but and some times they do it all the way but,on a long run looks without talent would go down the sink.
  • Someone who has a bright and confident appearace is more likely to get what they want in life.
  • In some ways, but I think that you don't necessarily have to be naturally attractive or georgeous, but ensure that you absolutely look your best by wearing a flattering hairstyle and clothes, as well as makeup if your a female person. I think this is very important.
  • As they say, Beauty is only skin deep. It takes alot more than looks to be successful unless you are a model.
  • No, but I do think good looking people have a leg up compared to the guy that's really ugly, if they are working in anything that involves working with people or having a boss, which unfortunately consists of the vast majority of the work force. There are certain jobs especially labor jobs where I think it doesn't matter what you look at all and you will not likely get any favoritism for looking better but not everyone can do these kind of jobs.
  • Yes, they have proven it.
  • seems like it sometimes

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