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  • finishing high school
    • Linda Joy
      That was about the only goal my mother had for me. She only finished 8th grade like her mother. And asked me to finish high school. I probably would have quit if she hadn't asked me to finish. It was really the only thing she asked of me. I'm glad I finished though. It taught me to hang in there!
  • I was born in Japan, and I became a model at age six. I also became an actress at age thirteen. I retired at age thirty-one. I lived in California and New York, and I married an American man. We had a daughter. We divorced, and I am now back in California with my wonderful child. I am fortunate to have succeeded in my career so well and to have a fine child.
  • My main accomplishments: -finished high school -did four years in the U.S. Navy, achieved the rank of E-4 as an MM3(SW), did two deployments to the Persian Gulf in support of OIF/OEF, and was honorably discharged -did four years inactive Navy reserves and was honorably discharged -got an Associate's of Technical Arts in Information Systems Science -got a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science -got a Master's of Science in Cybersecurity with an emphasis in Information Assurance
  • It's not about what you accomplish anyway, it's about the journey it took to get there. Nothing we build will stand forever, and nothing we discover will be remembered forever. But your own personal journey is what makes you who you are during what little time we have on Earth, and that's important.

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