• No. I'd rather have it all in my head, at least then it can't be 'accidentally read' (unless there are mind readers. Hmm...)
  • Events that happen in (life) - weddings, births, deaths, birthdays, etc, whether personal or world related. Has been known to solve many an argument (when did Aunt K pass away - was it 15 or 16 years ago) - just an example.
  • Everything. At least that's what I do. I have kept a journal since 1988 and I miss a few days here and there but try to keep daily track of events. Stuff that my kids say or do, how I was feeling, whether or not my hubby made me mad that day and what it was he did. Health stuff, tracks of my insulin and pill regimen. I don't think there really is a wrong answer to this one...but that's just what I do in mine.
  • Each day, I think about what funny, unusual, or good experiences I had that day that taught me a lesson. Sometimes i have to use a little bit of creative writing, but I think it helps me look at life in a better perspective. I keep my personal journal on About 3 years ago I switched to Pyxlin because it is soooo much easier for a personal diary. I can type faster, and when I am done, I can print it into a hardbound book.
  • What would I? more like what i do write... i write anything from how i feel, to what im wearing, how much i miss my boyfreind and the dirty stuff i do to him.... ... .. ... ... ... :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  • Anything that would lend to writing a good story!
  • Its personal, why would I tell you!
  • lol, I actually keep one, and have kept journals ever since I learned to write (about 4 years old). Mostly I write just about what I'm thinking/feeling, whatever's going on, my crazy ideas. I draw in them too. I write down my poetry, ideas for short fiction, reflections on those and how to revise them... I have excruciatingly specific requirements for the kind of journals I'm even willing to write in too =P
  • I hate to say I would write nothing. If my mother never taught me anything else, she did teach me 'never put into writing something you don't want someone to know'. Things happen, things get read by the wrong person.
  • <The same things I write in my MySpace Blog...
  • Some things I can't put into words, so instead I make drawings or poems. I also don't like the idea of people reading my stuff, so if it's all weird and undecipherable, they'll just think I'm crazy as opposed to whiny and shallow. XD But yeah, I've always been told that if you write anything in a seemingly private diary, it's because you actually want someone to read it. :/ Even so, not telling. XD
  • Anything I want to remember. Memories tend to fade with time.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      That's true. The little day to day details are lost unless recorded. Even if one just writes two sentences a day, it's enough to be able to see a picture of what a year was like later on.

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