• spanish and english
  • Just Italian English French Spanish Latin (catholic school) and some german!
  • Way to go Abha! , I can only speak read and write English fluently. However American English is composed of many languages and I know a few words and phrases in other languages, enough to conduct a transaction where I worked and tell my employees what I needed and that was before I had a smartphone to translate for me. I'd like to learn more languages!
  • I'm properly bilingual in English and French, but can also speak Ukrainian, some Russian, Polish, and Spanish.
  • English, Italian and Spanish.
  • Pascal, FORTRAN, C++, BASIC, and .... oh wait, I mean English, German, and Slovene. I lived in Russia for a short while, so I can read and write and understand spoken Russian fairly well, but I speak with a ridiculous accent, so I'm generally embarrassed to try to speak. I've studied scored of other languages, and maybe could hold a basic conversation in about 40 different ones, but only enough to scratch the surface. I grew up in Detroit. Although it's probably laughed off as the undeodorized armpit of the USA, it's quite the melting pot of cultures. So, I was able to grow up around family members who spoke 4 different native languages (English, German, Slovene, and French), and friends who spoke maybe 100 others . I grew up with a passion for learning different languages and learning about different cultures. But, sadly, my brain would only hold enough information to scratch the surface with the vast majority of them. I've even studied quite a few long dead languages, but, obviously, never tried to converse in them.
  • I can speak fluently in one language. My native tongue English. I know a smattering of German, Spanish but not enough to speak them fluently.
  • Although not fully fluent I can speak and understand and can write to an extent Spanish (TexMex). Being an American, I of course speak and write American English. The languages I wish I could speak, read, and write is Hebrew and Greek so I could study the Bible easier in those languages.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      It's never too late to learn. There are lots of resources available to learn Ancient Greek.
  • I can speak and write in English only. English is the only language I’m fluent in. Not everyone has linguistic skills.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      Speaking coherently in English is a linguistic skill. Many people cannot speak their native language as well as you do. Don't sell yourself short.
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      What I mean to say is not everyone can speak a foreign language and only fluent in their own native language. Each of us have different learning abilities.
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