• just practice it
  • Try reading more books in English and watching videos in English with subtitles. There are literally tons of resources on the Internet. Check out his article You might find it helpful. If you can visit an English-speaking country and stay there for a few months (when the lockdown is over, obviously), definitely do.
  • English is a difficult language to learn, especially for native speakers of languages that are so dissimilar to English. As with any language, the quickest way to learn is through immersion. Travel somewhere where it is necessary to speak English, and you will learn. It's not easy, but it's the most effective way. Short of that, try making friends with someone who speaks English very well, and speak with them as often as possible. You may pick up on their nuances, though, so make sure it is someone who can speak fluently. If that is also not possible, you can try apps like duolingo, or make pen-pals with someone in New Zealand, the USA, the UK, South Africa, or Australia.
  • Have you tried searching for groups where others are trying to learn English? These other answers are good, too!
  • Try watch videos or movies with English subtitles to compare what you hear with what you read .
  • Your question and your reference is properly worded. Every time you are able to communicate with someone in English, you will feel better about your English speaking skills.

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