• He had sex on the pool table and didn't have to invest much of anything to get it. Why on earth do you expect him to ever call you again? He's done and he's gone.
  • I would wait....
  • LOL! I WAS TOTALLY RIGHT!!! :o) You ARE a Slut!!!
  • your other question said does your tattoo make you seem slutty? but sure if you want to not appear that way, then y tell people u had sex on a pool table? and on your yahoo thing it says "married and looking" which creeps me out. (dont get me wrong i dont mean any offence because i dnt no u) in response to this question though -- i dont think he will be back. . but u never know good luck
  • if you dont hear anything after a week, contact him once and if your hear nothing back forget it. if you r looking for a realtionship then having sex on a pool table on the first night isnt the right way to go about it! sorry!
  • i wouldnt bother with him

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