• ditch digger and hooker I was always so proud
  • My father was a truck driver and later an employee in an aerospace plant. My mother worked at various clerical jobs, mostly in trucking companies.
  • My dad worked at the Post Office and my mom worked for the State, of NY.
  • My father was a bookkeeper. My mother was an administrative assistant and homemaker.
  • My mother worked in a factory called Ethicon, a division of Johnson and Johnson. My step father worked at a car factory named Fisher Body.
  • My father was a hippy who found a job teaching French at the university, but his old hippy habits never left and he didn't keep it. So his occupation pretty much constituted living off the government's obligatory charity and telling me how much rich people suck and about misery, poverty and oppression in other countries. Kinda ironic and contradictory when you think about it, especially with all that stuff about how the rich should all die. My mother worked in a convent cleaning and making dinner for nuns, and the occasional Angel status of holding nuns in her arms while they died of something or other and then telling me about it and creeping me the hell out after I was put to bed. Also she was a boozehound and quite partial to smacking me upside the head after wrongfully answering her educator like guilt driven questions about maternal love and responsibilities. Man I was like five how the hell was I suppose to know any answers? XD Well yeah, all that just to say that my parents never really had any professions. My father had all the necessary skills and intelligence needed to get just about any kind of job requiring the excess use of numbers or writing, but he didn't seem to fit in the general social mould so he blew it lol. He also had a job for a while in an adult store. Or maybe I'm just trying to make it look less shameful with this poor attempt at justifying him, because like my mom, he was an alcoholic too. XD
  • My father is a lawn mower mechanic. My mother works for the federal government.
  • My dad was a mail man and my mom worked as a cook in a hospital before moving to work as a cook in a school. You can imagine what I had as home cooking.
  • My mother worked a short while in a fastener factory, then for a time as a medical tech. Then she raised three kids, sold Avon for a while, then ran my father's office. My father managed a grocery, then went to work for a grocery warehouse company. He then became owner/operator of a grocery, then a couple more. Meanwhile, he started buying houses and converting most of them into apartments. After 26 years, he started selling insurance, then real-estate. After a few years, he began to specialize in real-estate appraisals. He owned (for a few years) a historic hotel in Lafayette, Indiana, then sold it, and became partners with another in an apartment development just outside of West Lafayette, Indiana (Purdue University). At one time, when I was young, he said "If the definition of a millionaire is someone who owes a million dollars, then I guess I'm one." That's a bit scary to hear as a kid! For a while, in there, they even sold Amway. Everyone thought because of all of the stores and apartments, that we were rich. We weren't. We were comfortable, but DEFINITELY not rich. A few years ago, he began selling off his apartments, then his business - Most on contract. (The idea of the apartments was to provide income from leases until they retired, then selling them for a good retirement fund. While they're still not poor, they still ain't rich! Especially since the real-estate market had tanked so badly.)
  • My father owned and ran a few businesses, mostly a garage and body shop in Studio City, CA and specialized in European cars, really fine cars. My mom both ran the businesses with him and was a stay at home mom depending on the day.
  • My father was an agronomist and my mother a secretary. My 2 cents.
  • My father was a finish carpenter all of his life and my mother was a stay at home mom who raised 9 kids.
  • My dad was a sheet metal mechanic and my mother was a pharmacy technician. They both took a break for a while and opened a restraunte for a few years and then a bakery. Eventually to be able to spend time with the family as they were having kids, they went back to thier professions and moved to Florida.
  • Both of my parents operated their own local payroll company and most of my family including myself, worked there.
  • My father was a market research analyst. He forecast the costs of different aerospace projects so that his employers could submit accurate bids to the government. My mom worked at the Department of Unemployment for awhile about 50 years ago.
  • My mother worked various jobs, until she started working at banks. She worked at a couple different ones due to my fathers profession he was a Major in the US army when he died about 6 years ago.
  • My father was a Canadian Air Force Fire Fighter for Crash & Rescue. My mother was a provincial government employee who worked as a clerk/steno level 3 for the City of Red Deer, Alberta.
  • Dad was a bus conductor and mum was a dinner lady.
  • my dad was a farmer and later a truck driver and my mom was a stay at home mom
  • Dad was an electrician by trade who worked for the telecommunication sector for most of his life. After the war (WWII), he was enlist in the army (national service) and was station out in Egypt with responsibility for telecommunications along the Sues Canal. Mum started her working life as a switchboard operator (think back to old films where there was room with loads of women sitting at big boards that they plugged the wires in and out of). She was the operator when somebody dialed 100. They met each other when Dad was an engineer testing the line and he chatted her up and they met on a blind date. Mum didn't go back to work after she had my brother and me but Dad was working until he retired at 65. He was awarded a CBE (medal) for long service (46 years). As a kid, he would take us to work with him sometimes (weekends). He worked in Covent Garden Telephone Exchange in the centre of the City of London. Back then, the exchanges were not digital, they were mechanical instead. I remember spending ages playing with the machine that generated all the tones (dialing tone, engaged and so on) and this big teleprinter machine. Dad was offered promotion a few years before retirement but turned down the desk job as he wanted to stay an engineer. After all of this, he died 2 years after he retired and that was that,
  • Father: Petroleum engineer Mother: Domestic engineer.
  • M father died when I was 2; he was a was private investicater. My mom is a medical intern on her last year of medical school. She's going to be a surgeon.
  • My mom had many. I'll just say all of them- Coat Hanger Girl, Waitress, Medical Secretary (for 20 years) and now (about 5 years)disabled. My dad was always a plumber- and 3 years ago got his master plumber license. (And they're not really old. My brother is almost 20, and I'm 14)
  • Mom: She used to be a medical secretary before becoming disabled 5 years ago. Dad: Always was a plumber (helper) and 3 years ago he got his master plumber license. (And they're in their 40's so they're young....ish)

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