• Begin with sitting in the car when it's standing in a garage or a parking lot. Then try to travel by car as a passenger. Then try to drive again on some minor roads without to much traffic.
  • get back on that horse and ride cowboy! yeeeee haaawwww!
  • go see a psychiatrist about it
  • Medication may be needed to overcome this, but it might just be a temporary need. Do see a mental health professional. They will be able to determine if medication is needed along with therapy.
  • I can almost guess that you were born after 2000 based on your diagnosis of PTSD. This is the term usually used by millennials who can't face the real world. Not to say that you are one of those, but your use of the term puts you in that age group if my guess is correct. However, not being able to cope with such an experience suggests that you are also inadequately equipped to cope with other life issues, as well. I can understand your situation - I was in a similar situation where my mom was killed in an accident while riding in my car that I was driving. After 23 years, it still bothers me (and I will always feel guilty over it). But I had to move on with life - I had to get over it. If I didn't, I'd never be able to function in the world again. You have to do the same thing - today, it's called "PTSD" - in my day, it was called "paranoia". We had no medications to cope with it - we just picked ourselves up and moved on. It's never easy, but the alternative is being stuck in your shell for the rest of your life. But the only one who can do it is you. There are other places to drive a car besides the highway. There are back roads, parking lots, local race tracks (when not being used), etc. The idea is to "get back in the saddle", to quote cowboy terminology. Today, I suffer all sorts of health problems. But I don't stress myself out over them - I've learned how to deal with them and still function normally in life.
  • Anonymous has described it, is called exposure therapy, where you confront your fear little by little. I hope you manage to get over it, car accidents can be life changing, I had one and suffer pain now, and yes it does affect you, but I knew if I didn't keep driving straight away, I'd let the fear take over me, I think when you've had an accident you realise how dangerous driving is. Thankfully, we probably avoid many an accident because of the good drivers on the road. Before PTSD it was called "shell shock," something war veterans suffered, now they've drained the life out of the condition calling it "post traumatic stress disorder."
  • sorry you were in a bad accident, get well........sit in the back seat behind the driver..its apparently the safest seat ..also ya cant see the road an d that helps .. also, take to travelling by train, is much safer and more comfy as well..i love trains:) 🚂🚎🚉 🚃
  • You need professional help.

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