• Lol, one of my dearest friends was someone like this. I met her my first day of chem lab in college. I remember seeing her and thinking: "oh, she looks snotty, she must be full of herself.". Then she introduced herself and we hit it off. She's the sweetest, most accepting person ever. It just goes to show you what first impressions are, nothing.
  • yeah, i have that kind of friend exactly. This friend of my best friend would hang out with me. At first, we hated each other. He was a complete asshole. After about 6 years of dying hatred, we're now good friends and all 3 of us went on a roadtrip less than a week ago. shit like that just happens
  • No. I am not quick to judge, so when I come to the conclusion that someone is a total jackass.... it is what it is!
  • this happens often. if we hate each other when we meet, we ll prob be friends
  • several times... my best friend kelso... we met when i was younger and i thought she was weird... FRIENDS FOR 13 YEARS NOW! and my friend sarah and i were arch enemies for my first two years of high school; now we are bffs! and my boyfriend! we used to make fun of each other all the time. i called him a leprechaun, referred to him only by the name i gave his goatee and insulted his manhood; he called me a skank several hundred times. now we're madly in love. hehe
  • Quite a few. One of them was when I was in school. There was this girl that I met in the fifth grade after my other friend had moved away, and we hit it off initially, then she started bullying me to the point where it was torturing me, physically and emotionally. But I've never been one to hold a grudge, and always like to patch things up with people, so I think it was that from me and some guilt from her that allowed us to reconcile two years later and become pretty good friends for the rest of school, I lost touch with her after I graduated high school, which I regret. Another is this girl I knew from work. I didn't dislike her at all but she intimidated me. I think it was because she was not even a year older than me yet seemed to have her life figured out already, one more year until she graduated college, and me, I had no idea what the hell I wanted to do. But she's a very kind person and that has allowed me to feel less intimidated and get to know her better.
  • It happened to me quite a few times, I still think he's a jackass, just a lovable jackass.
  • Yes, and we had some good laughs about it.
  • he tried to kill me three times now we are bros and got each-others backs funny after the asthma scare and i almost didnt make it home he backed off
  • Yes, I never thought the thin, popular, cute girl would ever want to talk to a freaky outcast like me but she's a good friend. My fault for misjudging her
  • Many times the unlikely friend has something to offer the world. People could be calling this person the village idiot or a jackass but this person can be the best mechanic in the village or one of the few people in town who would give you the shirt off his back. I had friends like this and it was pitiful to hear them telling me how stupid they thought they were. You constantly had to remind them that they had more to offer than they believed they had.
  • i am the queen of befriending the a**hole or the outcast.
  • Yeah, it was funny i hate him when i first met him! and now i don't know what i would do without him! funny how life works.
  • Well, not really friends, and they weren't jackasses, but had been violent toward me... 6th grade football - Mike - Playing flag football. I was a tackle as was Mike on the other side. We'd been taught how to block down, and when the ball was hiked, I blocked Mike to the ground. I stood up, Mike got on his knees, and punched me in the stomach - well, a touch lower, because he cut the hell out of his knuckle on my Boy Scout belt. Riding my bike home the next day, I was met at a corner by Mike and a couple of older friends. He demanded an apology. I explained what happened to the older friends and they let me go. Flash forward a few years. I was working at one of my Dad's groceries, in a relatively poor section of town, and Mike came in. We talked some, both of us laughing at the football injury he sustained, and that was that. 7th grade - Manuel and I had gone to school in elementary, together. His locker was near mine. One day, I tapped the door so it would swing almost closed. When I left school that day, Manuel jumped me from behind. I climbed the stairs with him on my back, arms around my throat, and backed into the wall to make him drop off. A few minutes later, his older brother came running at me from across the field, and took a literal flying leap at me. I dodged, he grazed my hip with his leading foot and ran on by. 9th grade, we were in a different school (the old high school) and in gym class together. We had to run laps, and there were a number of times I passed him. I tried to urge him on, and he, gasping all the way, said, "Must *gasp* be those *gasp* damn *gasp* cigarettes *gasp*" and I went on. He stopped and sat down, and our former marine drill instructor (seriously) gym teacher got on him hard. Later that day, as I was leaving the school, I passed by Manuel and his brothers waiting at the gym door for the gym instructor (who parked his motorcycle inside). I talked to them for a minute and went on home. In 8th grade, at lunch, we used to play tag in the gym... center circle as base. Others were playing basketball. I was running from a friend, looked back to see where IT was, turned back around just in time to run into a guy - big black kid named Al. It was like running into a freaking wall. I believe I was actually knocked out for a second, because the next thing I remember I was getting up off the floor. I looked at all, said sorry, and went back to base. A second later, Al, and about four more friends, walked right up to me, and demanded an apology. I explained what had happened, and apologized again. He punched me, hard, in the arm just below my shoulder, and walked away. For the rest of the year, he would wade across the hallway full of kids to punch me in whichever arm was facing him. Next year - same school as Manuel - I was leaving school in a hall with no other people in it, and Al was coming the other way. He saw me, but didn't do anything. I asked where he was going, and he said "Detention", and continued there. (A few years later, he was killed in a knife-fight.) Now, maybe with Manuel and Al, it was because we were in the same "straits" - all going to the old high school, the first year it was opened as a Jr High (for 9th grade). Maybe I'd had a growth spurt, and was now either AS big, or bigger than them. (I prefer to think it was the former.) But I never received any violence from those guys again. As for Mike, by the time I saw him again, I was about 6-5 or 6-6. While that MAY have had something to do with it, I prefer to think that we had both grown, and he'd lost any of the anger about my hurting his hand. LOL And, yes... I've known others who seemed like jerks and jackasses before, but once I got to know them, I knew differently. I've also known a lot that were the exact opposite. Good question. Thanks for the memories it evoked. ;-)
  • I've had quite a few "unlikely" friends. And, just as often several "likely" friends who turned out to be not such good friends at all...
  • No. Most people I meet turn into non-friends, the opposite of "unlikely friends". They seem like okay people, and then you find out that they're fair-weather friends who only want to be around if your presence benefits them. I'm just less useful than most people, so I lose those non-friends pretty quickly. But what's worse? Friends who aren't around, or friends who are only around to use you?
  • Yes I couldn't stand my friend Ugur when I first met him. I thought he was a jerk. I also lived in another state but we kept in touch through text messaging. Then he moved back to Turkey and we STILL keep in touch. He's a good friend, and i still talk to him today, 2 years later.
  • well ive come to notice that most of my friends are the "gangsta" type when im like the opposite
  • not really. more like, i was the unlikely friend. everyone thought I was a bitch because I wouldn't wave back at people who waved at me.. the thing is, I don't like waving back at people that I don't know. And most of all, I'm unaware of people acknowledging me especially if I don't know them. I don't want to be one of those embarrassed individuals who wave back only to realize that the person was waving at their friend behind me...anyway..once they started hanging out with me, they realized i was one of the most dependable friends they could have.

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