• Lol! Any weapon will do. I once had to resort to bare feet! Unpleasant, but it got the job done. :D
  • WoC: blunt objects
  • I wouldn't try real hard to kill it . I just want it away from me but if he gets really close I would have to use my shoe.
  • I smash them with whatever is available. I know there might be some cosmic plan for its existence,...but I have my own reason for being, and I don't think it is to be bitten or even crawled on by a spider. I may be wrong, but at least I have a brain which can make that judgement.
  • I look for another person, I'm petrified of them. If no one is around, I leave that room until someone comes in and kills it..If they can't find it anywhere, my skin crawls for hours, I hate them.
  • well i usually flick them with a fingernail or the first thing that i would not mind having spider guts on... if it looks like a dosile one that i would have time to catch and take outside i will do that... i really hate killing them but i am not fond of seeing them get away... its really stupid of me when the majority of them are not harmful and in fact helpful but i don't like the idea of having them in the house
  • Most times I grab them gently with some tissue and put them outside! Of course there are no poisonous to humans spiders here in the UK. But they do bite.
  • I use a weapon of choice but it is a newspaper or magazine.
  • Normally it is a shoe, but anything hard will do... but it has to be hard, I can't kill them with a tissue or papertowel. Bleh, the feel of their little bodies just grosses me out, and I'm semi terrified of the bigger ones... so it's got to be something with a lot of stuff between it and my hand.
  • depends on how big it is. if it's big, i usually whip out the tilex. it works wonders on insects.
  • I kinda feel bad for them - they seem so scared. So what I do when I see a spider is - trap him under a plastic cup. Then, slide an envelope along the floor, under the cup, making real sure he doesn't escape. Then I lift that up and take it outside, where I let him go, free to live his little spider's life.
  • I usually get my cat, except the cat doesnt even care, you have to kind of use its tail to whip the spider.
  • If no one comes running when I scream--I use whatever is handy. Even the TV remote can become a lethal weapon.
  • Any weapon that will suffice. Apparently Ducky considers small spiders a delicacy (bleeeeeeeghhhhhhh) and has taken to snacking on the few that make it into my house.
  • eh anything, but usually I leave them alone, if they're in my house ill drop em outside
  • I go get my husband and let him deal with it, lol.
  • No, I keep a squadron of spider wasps flying around my house looking for spiders to prey on. It gives me such peace of *OUCH!*, damn, I better think of something else. :( ;)
  • I never, ever kill spiders because they are useful in warding off pests like mosquitoes. Also, I felt really bad when one of the spiders in the book James and the Giant Peach got stuck in some paint and then got squished with a broom, with her granddaughter looking on. I dry my clothes outside on a line and I even had a spider in my panties once (a furry black one, although small) and I set it back outside.
  • I never kill spiders. Mind you, I live in the UK, where spiders are harmless. It doesn't hurt me, so I don't hurt it - it seems fair that way.
  • I don't kill them, I feel bad. I usually look for a piece of paper to slip under the spider and a cup to put on top of it so it won't crawl away. Then I run away screaming to the nearest door and throw it outside.
  • Any weapon that will suffice, if you look for a shoe it might get away!
  • I through a book at one across the room. Now that was dumb.
  • I don't kill spiders. They are just hanging out doing their spider thing, and eating the bugs that are really gross.
  • i shout "DAD!!! THERE'S A SPIDER COME AND KILL IT" then i run away !
  • I either ignore it, or in rare cases throw it out of the window. I never kill spiders. I don't know why, really, I kill flies and other bugs all day, but not spiders. Apparently they mean more to me than bugs

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