• You see...many spiders spin webs because they can't see well enough to hunt. And they don't have brains big enough to become little spider optometrists - not to mention the lack of opposable thumbs to make the glasses for eight eyes! And to top it off they don't have ears or a nose to perch the little spider glasses on!! Poor things! I'd let them use my internet but I don't think they can see it!! Maybe I should start a go fund me account to buy contacts for my formerly homeless spiders! lol
  • not nnuch
  • GoFundMe usually averages 6 or 7 hundred dollars raised. Those that make more are the ones that get media coverage - such as on the news.
    • Linda Joy
      So you're saying I should make a mocumentary for it? What should it be called?
  • GoFundMe doesn't sponsor anyone who asks. They have a strict criteria that they follow and I don't think they would legitimize spider optometry. 😆

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