• jump up and down 12 times
  • Slow down. Pause, take deep breaths, and calmly think of what is scaring you and what solution you can take to rectify your scared state. If you can't do this, go get some sleep (if possible) and think about it the next day. First, though, you have to tell me what's scaring you, otherwise I can't help you. :( If it's anxiety or nerves, get Dr. Clare Weekes book "Hope and Help For Your Nerves". It is a great book for people who suffer from stress, anxiety disorders, obsessional thoughts/actions, or just plain nerves. In a nutshell, she explains that the reason why sufferers torture themselves with fear and anxiety (or obsessional thoughts) is because they always try to fight them inside their heads, rather than just "accepting" them and letting them "pass." A brain that is stressed or under a lot of fear is usually an "exhausted" brain, in need of rest. Like any other organ in the body, the brain can malfunction if it is not given adequate rest to recuperate from life's daily stresses.
  • Umm, okay, let's start by you telling us what you're scared about?
  • Scared of what?
  • thats what happens when u smoke cheap shit :) relax, its alright, call a buddy
  • identify what is really causing the fear... it might take a minute to find out whats really on your mind and you will ultimately identify it and then begin to develop a soulution... stereoscopy... i mean seriously dude you should listen to music with no words
  • Stop it...okay that wasnt nice..whatcha scared of?
  • stop looking in the mirror.
  • well take a deep breath. then tell someone you know and can trust and tell them about it.
  • Go to a sight that has a realistic gun sound and call the cops... play it as the operator is on the line and hang up... that'll make the cops hurry (assuming your in danger)
  • of anything inparticular, or is it just a general feeling of panic? If it comes over you, in over whelming sensations, its anxiety attacks., They are brutal, and disgusting !! BUT !!! they do pass on, eventually. There are a lot of things you can do to help. Taking deep breaths is very important. The more air you get into your cells, the calmer you will feel. Also, positive affirmations. You can choose any you want, but some good ones are : I am getting better and better every day. I will get through this. I will get through this . This will not beat me. I am stronger. There are good methods with Nuro Linguistic programming,. There may be a counsillor who practices this that you could go to. Also, some hypnotherapy tapes can be useful. Google STeve G Jones, he has a margvellous web site with plenty of options for tapes to help over come anxiety, fears etc. Take heart, it will pass !!! :) good luck.
  • i know what you are talking about..
  • Of what?
  • If you really want help with this, you have to give us an idea what you're scared of!
  • Next time work harder in your classes and then your report card won't be so scary.
  • hide under your bed and dont make a sound....
  • 2 Vicodin and a shot of vodka should help take the edge off
  • Personally, I pray. Pray about it, that's what I'd do.
  • If is dark, use the flashlight.

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