• If your console is leaving rings on the back of the disks, there is a problem with the DVD dive and it would have to be replaced. If it still works, I would avoid the repair until it no longer reads games. As for removing the scratches that are there, I have no solution on removing them. If your using an Xbox original, the DVD replacement shouldn't exceed $50. If its an Xbox 360, Try standing it upright. DVD drive replacement for the 360 can be costly at around $120 because it requires you to "flash" the drive so the motherboard can identify it.
  • If you know where a store named Gamecrazy (a game store that connected to hollywood video) is located then if you have membership with them? Then they will clean (fix) it for free. If not you will have to pay a few bucks or less. You can also buy online or in a game store such as Gamestop, a disk cleaner/ repairer. The cleaner should look something like the attached pic. Now as far as what happened, I believe that the Xbox was moved around while still on. That will cause the Xbox to basically chew your game up with it's hard internals. It also makes that noise you described.
  • dude its a home remendy that i created that is better than that freakin game dr. crap. you take tooth paste and peanut butter. it sounds gross but it works like magic. get a plastic container and put peanut butter on the disc. spread it evenly then put dabs of the toothpaste on. rub gently. scrape all off into plastic container. then add a little water to solution in container and put disc in solution (scratched side down). let it sit for 3 mins. take out and clean with papertowels wiping from center outward. it sounds retarted but it works wonderfully ask my friends.
  • peanut butter and toothpaste it sounds retarded but it works great ask my friends.
  • hey you will think this is bad but, get your urine (pis) and put it in a glass or container and then put the game scratched side down on the solution. leve it thier for about 5 mins and look at it ******it will be spotless********* i bet you are thinking i am lieing or sumit, think that put this worked for mr. i will tell you how it works. as urine contains alot of chemicals it also has a chemical that magnifies particles which helps to read discs. ok respond if it worked
  • use pis,peanut butter,and toothpaste it works like a charm put it on the scratches
  • rub monkey fecis all over it and them dry with elephant ears(live). finally apply a smidge of turtle ear wax and kaboom u just permanenlty f$%@ed up ur game. Hopefuly this was helpful..

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