• No, but they may be larger after you have your first child.
  • Birth control pills will make the body retain fluids. This will enhance your breast size as well as your overall weight. However, it's only temporary, and BC pills have been proven to be a health hazard if taken for long periods of time. On the other hand, breast augmentation surgery is a safe alternative to enlarge the breast. Newer implants are a silicone sack filled with saline solution. If an implant ever ruptures, the body would absorb the saline solution, and it wouldn't be a health hazard. Safe surgical methods of implanting silicone sacks include small incisions below the areola (nipples), which are almost undetectable. The surgeon will then fill the implants until the desired appearance and symetry are achieved. If you have ever thought about having this procedure, be sure the surgeon is board certified in plastic surgery.
  • Be happy with yourself and ingnore the ads about big boobed woman with skinny waists and find a man that likes you for what you are. Enlargements usually cause back problems later in life and all implants have to be changed or repaired eventually, the skin stretching that ocurres when the implant is put in is Permenent so it's basically a one-way-trip to stretch marks. And no more cute athletic tops and sundresses that only the small framed woman can wear.
  • As a normal randy male, I have to say that large breasts work for about 15 minutes. Yes, I am, despite my intellectual wish otherwise, attracted to "significant" breasts. But if the head above them is full of fluff, my attention will fall off in a timescale of minutes, not hours. What I am trying to say is that, in the long term, small breasts really do not matter. Those men who are fixated on breasts should be ignored - they will only cause trouble in the long term, when they run after the next pair of lovelies. Those who find breasts one (erm, two) of the many attractions of a beautiful woman will not be worried by your cup size. The fact that (a) you are posting on Answerbag, and (b) you can spell and punctuate properly, suggests to me that you are a Proper Woman with a Brain. Get brain enlargement, not breast enlargement.
  • You're MUCH better making the most of what you have, without trying to enlarge them. Use your nipples like other women use their breasts. Remember that guys are generally 1) interested in knowing that what they're seeing is genuine 2) desperately keen on nipples No padding for sure. No bra, because you don't need one. A loose open-necked shirt that shows off plenty of chest will most certainly attract plenty of appreciative looks.
  • Birth control may help but nipple stimulation will. Breast growth is controled by the hormone prolactin which is released in your system when you are either pregnant or breastfeeding so simulated breastfeeding works. One woman grew hers to size 40 DD.
  • Umm... You're probably not the only one with small ones, but they make you YOU... There aren't any problems with the small ones and you don't have the back, neck, and shoulder pain that most girls with bigger ones do... Plus, bras will be cheaper than if you were bigger... But, if you're fine with them, then no one else has the right to complain. It's what's on the inside that really matters... :D As for the pill, I've heard it only increases breast size for some people, but not all... Hope this helps... :D
  • I want to affirm the natural beauty of small breasted women. When i grow in love with someone, their physical makeup is much less important than their personality
  • I dig small breasts, I'm not the only one I bet.
  • Maybe. Don't worry about it. Plenty of guys like small tits. Some even prefer them. Maybe someone with small hands would be good fit.
  • Eat more phytoestrogen laden foods. It will enhance breast tissue growth among other benefits.
  • Birth control? maybe Pregnancy? :) Not to worry you are perfect as you are.

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