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  • Because men are easily distracted by images. Most men have the impulse to look at women...or cars...or the game. It doesn't mean there's something wrong with the person he's with. If it's extreme and he's getting whiplash (or you're out with friends and he is embarrassing you) then he may need to explain himself. Otherwise, it is most likely harmless.
  • Men tend to be more visual than women, who tend to be more emotional. Looking doesn't mean anything, really, but appreciation of the female. Just as women stare at Brad Pitt, George Clooney, or others - some in real life that look as good), men will stare at women. They're just a bit more blatant than most women. ;-)
  • They just can't help it. I swear, I believe that. They are instinctively wired to populate the world. There's only two things most of them need to make them happy and those things both begin with F. One of them is food. Doesn't mean they don't have brains and sensitivity, it's just not foremost in their mind. So don't take anything like them checking out other girls personally. It's not about you. It's the way they're hardwired. Just be the best person you can be and in obtaining that mind set, you'll know they'd be a total idiot to get involved with anyone else. Soooooo, you don't have to be concerned with that as long as they get the two "F's" from YOU!!!
  • It is natural to look, there is nothing wrong with that, as long as they are not staring or being rude about it. I know I look, when I see someone that I think is attractive, I think most would admit to that.
  • Nothing wrong with looking at someone attractive. As long as you do not suddenly stalk them or perv over them. that is just rude!!!
  • First of, we men are more visually stimulated than women. There are all sorts of evolutionary reasons why. Second, males are hardwired to spread their seed far and wide to ensure that they pass their heritage on to future generations. This applies to most species. Third, needs and instincts bypass reason. Fourth, EVERYBODY dreams. My wife loves me, but she still fantasizes about Johnny Depp and Hugh Laurie. She wouldn't actually *DO* anything, but she still looks and drools. Is that any worse than me looking at a nice rack on another woman?
  • You grocery shop? You want apples. You have a wonderful bag of beautiful, juicy apples in your cart. You really don't want to get anything else in the fruit section because you don't have room for it and it will let the apples spoil if you get more fruit. But you look at, and appreciate the pears, oranges, grapes, mangos, and melons. It doesn't mean that you don't love your apples. You just appreciate the other fruit! Looking doesn't bruise your apples. It is just looking.
  • I think it's pretty simple, but let me start by saying that this also applies to women looking at other guys. It's coded into our genes to reproduce. Part of reproduction is initial attraction to members of the opposite sex, and wanting to be with an attractive mate so that your offspring will in turn be attractive and repeat the process down the line. For a guy to look at a pretty girl, even if he's already in a relationship, it's just a momentary lapse of our conditioning to overcome certain instincts. Some guys are better than others at controlling that. Some guys (like me) view it as not a sexual attraction, but an appreciation of beauty. Keep in mind that in almost all cases, these kinds of things are momentary, fleeting, and meaningless. If a guy is in a decent relationship, there are a lot more qualities that his S/O probably posesses to make her attractive, in addition to looks and physical form. Remember: Just because you already ordered dinner, it doesn't mean you can't still read the menu.
  • they would probably say something like "well there's no law against looking at other women." guys are more visual so they can't help it. but that dosen't mean that you can't look at other men right?? ;)

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