• Hmmm...biking from my bedroom to my office...I wouldn't allow my children to ride their bikes in the house, so I'd have to say no! :)
  • Oh wow! I've beeen thinking about this for quite some time. Yes, I would! That would greatly cut down my expenses. The only thing that bothers me is that drivers in our city don't respect the very few bike lanes. They think they own the road! And they drive as if national security is at stake all the time! What's a few savings if I would figure in an accident?
  • I'm not working because I have a back injury. If I was working and had no injury I would love to ride to work but it is too dangerous in the city. In my last job I was lucky enough to be able to walk to work. Most of my walk took me through the Botanic Gardens. How lucky was I? lol
  • Absolutely! I always wished I could ride a bike or walk to work, but I have always worked too far from home for either options. Stuck with driving. :o(
  • I certainly would ride a bike to work--especially if my job was only a few miles away from home. Saving money on gas and getting some daily exercise would be two great benefits derived from cycling.:)
  • I do and it is great it is summer and it is not cold yet,
  • If it was feasible, of course I would. I love to ride 15 gear mountain bikes. I like it like that.
  • Yes, but..I don't know anyone who wants to see a hot wet, and sweaty bartender:):) Do you keithold?
  • Yes, but in the US riding bikes for transportation is looked down upon (It's not like Europe) We all have vehicles,some of us have motorcycles as well but every time we ride bicycles for transportation ,people keep asking us if there's something wrong or did we ran out of money for gas!!!!
  • Doing between 600 and 1100 miles a week it is not possible.
  • I already do. A bike ride of about 2.5 miles verses the same distance with gas over $4.00/gal. Tough decision.
  • I would love to if I didnt have to use a highway to get to work
  • Yes but the 54 mile round trip would do me in!
  • My office is 20 miles away. The trip home is mostly uphill. I would have a difficult and long trip. If I lived closer to work and the trip could be made avoiding highways, I would bike to work. The weather would also be a factor.
  • If I had a job, I would probably bike there.
  • I would really like to do this in the fall. I'm close enough to work to ride my bike, but I have to cross a major 4 lane highway, and that part makes me a bit nervous.
  • This has been my primary means of transportation for the past 19 years, and I enjoy it. With fuel prices the way they are, traffic jams, unreliable bus service, bikes are the way to go. The San Francisco Bay Area has a bike-friendly climate, although Downtown San Francisco is risky due to theft. I have biked as far as Hollister, Sausalito, Santa Cruz, Half Moon Bay, and Oakland, with plans to bike to Novato, Richmond, Concord, Los Banos, and Salinas. I might even try for Santa Rosa, which, according to a milage table, is 100 miles from home.
  • I would if we had safe bike lanes and the weather was good all the time. I'd have to be a closer to work. I wouldn't want to be in the office sweaty all day.
  • Yes I would. Screw the oil companies and excercising is fun like that.
  • I do every day rain or shine, all year round. I live in Toronto where we get cold winters and snow and buckets of salt poured on the roads - but I still try to bike every day. Usually I'll take transit instead if there has been a blizzard and the ploughs have not been through yet, its very difficult to stay upright then. But even really cold days, just put on more layers! The best part is arriving at work invigorated.
  • Yes. I've done some bike commuting when my vehicle was at the shop getting repaired.
  • I consider myself a bike commuter as my second way of transportation.

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