• If you can let the puppy outside to go.Try to train him to go on command.Take him outside he will sniff around for a place to go and when he decides add a command than say "good boy" in a joyful voice he will think everytime he goes outside will be given a command go he will go and the problem is solved. It may take a while for him to learn it but he will Good Luck!!
  • If you have the time to invest in all these pee pads, you should consider shifting some of this time over to properly house training him by taking him outside more often. Taking a puppy outside OFTEN and associating peeing with this will be the fastest way to house train him. The ultimate goal is to teach him that it's ONLY acceptable to pee OUTSIDE. Until you do this, pee pads only tell him it's OK to pee on the pad and if the pad is removed this will give him no other choice than to pee somewhere else inside whenever the urge hits. Watch the puppy to learn his habits when he's ready to go. You'll quickly learn the signs which tell you he's got to go! (House training works both ways!). Take him outside the IMMEDIATELY at the FIRST sign he's gotta go. And then STAY outside until he actually goes, even if it's only a small squirt. Lots of praise when he does this before taking him inside re-enforces this behavior. And remember, as soon as you take the puppy outside, he's surrounded by TONS of new sights, sounds, and smells, so he'll be distracted for a while and may forget he has to go. But don't worry...nature will catch up!

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