• Though it might have been hurtful to you, by definition within Christianity, no, his words were not a sin.
  • Sorry to hear that. Yes, Sin, hypocrisy. I wonder how he can preach and be a good example to his congregation when he doesn't seem to have the moral fiber to be a father to you.
  • I would say so. He’s your father; I don’t know if he’s technically responsible for the creation of your physical body, but at the very least his heart should be “turned to [you]” (see Malachi 4:5-6, Blessings to you and your dad!
  • definitely and i would wonder if hes a christian the way hes talking
  • "Sin" is imperfection...a bit different from deliberately doing the wrong thing... We all make mistakes...if we did not we would be perfect. If he knows his Bible at all, he will know Matthew 28: 19,20 And should be obedient to it. Just what did you do to get him upset/? And he has to take responsibility for your existence in the first place...but not keep ' picking up the tab' after you mature...
  • Being a Christian is about forgiveness, and not about holding a grudge. A Bible quote that comes to mind is (Matthew 6:14). Forgive and you will be forgiven. Also, to justify the topic of forgiveness, The Parable of The Prodigal Son could not have said it better. But then again, what does it matter to many so-called pastors who do not read the Bible? Absolutely nothing! Have patience and maybe God will reprimand your father to get him to realize that we all make mistakes.
  • From what I read of what you shared and sharing he thought you were a mistake here's my response. Your father strikes me as being a absolute disgusting excuse for a man, let alone a dad. Its hard for me to imagine saying anything crueler to someone you are a parent of. No matter what you are you are not a mistake. I feel sorry for you and his congregation. He is a hypocrite. The LORD is love.

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