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  • my daughter is asking the same question :)
  • I have to be the right one and I can be found anywhere anytime.
  • You will know because you will feel different than ever before and so will he, it will be mutual and unforced. You will find him when you stop looking! And he may be right under your nose without you knowing it yet. The trick is to stop looking, forget about the mysterious Mr Right and start enjoying your own life and intersts, then one day he'll just come along, out of the blue and unexpected, but delightful! Good luck.
  • If you need other people to tell you, you aren't sure yourself, he may not be your one just yet. My personal view is that even if you break up with your 'one' it doesn't mean he wasn't the 'one' to start with. I know that sounds weird but allow me: you could love them with all your heart, and feel perfectly compatible, and marry, and then after a few years you could grow distant due to letting this slip away. The lesson: When love hits it's not all going to be peachy, you have to work to keep it there, by listening to one another, keeping your relationship zestily alive! So signs to you that he could be your one are when you can talk about anything to one another, you both feel a powerful bond, you love each other with such passion and respect you could feel like screaming it to the world, and you are making plans of living together. :]
  • You couldn't bare the thought of what life would be like without him, you know that you could wake up every morning beside him for the rest of your life.
  • You stop looking.
  • You wouldn't need to ask this question if you knew.
  • He wears a T-shirt that says so
  • Your heart tells you he is by missing a beat everytime you see him:)

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