• Was it a physical affair? what do you mean by emotional affair?
  • i don't know the answer to that as i am in similar situation. My partner of 10 years had what started as an emotianal affair with a colleague from work whilst i was at home looking after the children. Just before i returned to work after maternity leave he turned her down but after our holiday he returned back to work and it started again only this time it got physical. At first it was just the holding hands and kissing and then he told me a big whopper of a lie and chose to spend a few hours on a sunday with her (which is our family day) when we get together as a family ti spend time with her rather than us. He eventually ended it after he had slept with her a couple of times and then started getting panic attacks. I have tried to support him and forget an now he tells me everything that he is feeling. How do you trust again when the emotional affair keeps pulling him in both directions. Which one of us will win and do i really want to try. I guess you really need to ask yourself whether he is worth all the pain you are feeling right now to fight for him or to let him go. If you find the answer to that one let me know as i only found out 3 weeks ago and are starting to go to marriage counselling this week.
  • I'm not sure if you can.A few months isn't alot of time to expect someone to get over a betrayal.Emotional affair?How so?
  • Lets look at this from the Lord God's perspective. Adultery means breaking of the marriage vows. If your significant other has no intentions of leaving you for the other woman, if he provides shelter, food, clothing, and sexual comfort for you he has not committed adultery (Exodus 21:10b). Copulation is a biological act only. Love is an emotional state. When the two come together at the same time is it so much the better but not required. The Lord God has no problem with sex and sexual intercourse, after all He invented it for our enjoyment and pleasure. He is not that concerned about who someone has sex with as long as it does not dishonour Him or cause physical harm to another person. (rape) Should you be interested in additional information of what I have said, get the book, "Divine Sex" by Philo Thelos. most any book store can order it and is also available at Amazon.

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