• have his doctor check just to be safe'
  • New parent, so of course you are worried. You can gauge if your son is OK, of course. And congratulations on the birth of your child. If he is OK, move on and continue to give him the most quality, healthy parenting possible. No one here can tell you if he is injured. If you are that concerned, take him to your pediatrician. Otherwise, if it was no big incident, don't waste energy in being sad... it takes too much just to be a new parent! Best wishes.
  • Hr's probably fine, babies grow up in spite of their parents mistakes..If it makes you feel better, take him to pediatrician and explain what happened. They won't call child abuse..You are a new mother with worries. To alleviate some of those fears, call your dr, have the baby checked out..You can also join a mommy and me class, they have them everywhere. They help with the fears. Have the little guy checked, for his sake and yours. Good luck, you're going to be a great mom, worriers always are..:)
  • Did you have him circumcised? I bet that hurt more than you banging his head on the bed.
  • Babies are very resilient to things like hitting their heads and falling off beds. I'm sure he's fine. You should have him checked, just so you know he's ok!
  • You are making yourself to feel guilty about this.Its ok its normal to feel this way.Have him checked with a Doctor to be sure.As a general rule if a baby cries too long and vomits after a bump in the head with some swollen indicator/bruise mark ,this will indicate a fracture of the skull even if its a hairline fracture.Ive experienced this with my daughter when she fell from the bed at age 6 months old.Now she is an adult still experiencing headache from time to time.
  • Babies are much tougher than you think. We have all done things like this - I know I have and so has husband. If it puts your mind at rest, take him to the doctor. Bear in mind, that you had him 6 weeks ago and your body and hormones are all over the place right now. Tell the doctor if you are feeling fed up about this or sad (even in general).
  • please don't beat yourself up about this...everyone makes mistakes and it doesn't sound like he was hurt..if you are still unsure,take him to the sound like a loving parent, forgive yourself and move on if you can..
  • Definitely end your self inflicted torture and have the doctor check him. You'd never ever forgive yourself if something was really wrong.
  • take him to a doctor if youre worried about it
  • He's fine. Chicks dig scars.
  • A doctor to be sure, but if he didn't cry to much, I think he's fine
  • accidents happen, its not like you did it on purpose

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