• yeah, i dont even like to go out alone because i get anxious it sucks sometimes but i'm trying to get over it.
  • I used to get torn up about things, but the more I practiced living with a clear heart, the better my life got. I'm not saying you don't have a clear heart because I don't know you. I'm just saying what worked for me. I do have minor panic attacks from time to time, but nothing I can't easily handle. It may be something that you could really use a bit of help with in the form of medication. Sometimes, temporarily going on meds can give you the leg up you need to conquer something like this. If you find that you are self-medicating however (drinking, shopping, usong medicine other than the way it was intended to be use, or some other thing to soothe the savage beast), it IS time to see a doctor. Those a re red flags that show very clearly that you need some assistance.
  • yes i use to get panic attack after panic attack in school and i was so afraid to go to bed at night because i knew that i was so tired that as soon as i closed my eyes i would fall asleep and then as soon as i woke up it would be time to go to school and on the weekends sometimes i wouldnt even go to sleep at all so i would be tired all the time and then i used to self harm but luckily my mom caught it and we got professional help before i got addicted to it i couldnt have any privacy because i would self harm and then i didnt want to make friends because i would have to explain the scars and why i did it i was also put on so many medications that made me have episodes where i would threaten to kill myself or cut again i would also swear and call my mom's name the i was taking kolonopin so yeah i definitely feel like anxiety has taken over my life but i dont suffer from it as much now
  • yes 1/2 bottle of vodka sorts me out
  • Yes, that is part of anxiety disorders.
  • Yes but with the right medications you can pull through, don't you love the background shot of the picture they put up for this question. Just do what she is doing because this woman is not in anxiety at all.
  • There are many psychiatrist and psychologist who cures through medications and they also provide counseling session twice or thrice in a month or according to the condition of the patient. Yet, it could also possible that works for anyone might not work for someone. Anxiety disorder has many type, each disorder has its own anxiety symptoms and treatment options. There are some common disorders like post traumatic, social phobia, anxiety disorder and panic disorder.

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