• a good solid 9 pounds since I moved in with my boyfriend in December. He's gotten a bit of a tummy too! We're not happy about it though!!! Not one bit! DIET TIME!
  • Since I have been married to my husband for five years, I went from a size four to a size nine. And two pregnancies also.
  • Let's not get silly. My weight flexuates between 235 and 240. However I just weighed myself and I weigh 233 right now. Does that mean I'm not happy? lol
  • I gained minus 20 lbs, but I was sure striving for more happy weight -- everyone reacts differently to stress. Not sure if that was the answer you were looking for because some people WANT to lose weight.
  • I was 165 when I met her. 175 when I married her, and 200 eight years into the marriage. Damn her fine cooking!
  • I'm having the opposite reaction... since I've moved to Belgium in January to live with my fiance and since then marry him in March... I have LOST 50 pounds! :D Happiness has caused me to stop overeating and start moving around and well, just be happy!
  • I think this one would kick my ass if I started to gain weight. She's feisty.
  • Well when I met her I was 185, now I am 238, but my body fat % was only 10.5% when I got checked two weeks ago. I gained all of my weight in my heart (awwwww!!!!!). That was cheesey.
  • My God, I must not be so happy. I weighed 115 lbs. when I met my partner 11 years ago and now I weigh 117 lbs. The same weight as when I was in High School and that was almost 20 years ago...

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