• Not really, no one cares actually lol
  • peerguardian 2. google it if you're worried
  • They kept sending me notices, but never did anything about it. I think they do that to cover their butt, however you're more valuable, of course, as a paying customer
  • Yes and no. They care about the bandwidth you use. / All ISPs would like users to use as little as possible so they can safely oversell the actual bandwidth they have. Like selling 200 people 1 GB of drive space on a 120 GB drive. Since torrent use tends to lead to higher bandwidth usage, they don't like it. They don't like itunes, youtube, etc., but they are more predictable, require very little uploading (torrents both UL & DL), and allow for special deals and ads with the sites. Torrents are more like conversations between friends as opposed to having the friends all silently watch the same TV show.

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