• Humans can be allergic to almost everything found in the environment. I have developed an allergy to bananas. My younger Sister, who used to love crabs and other kinds of seafood, is now allergic to them. She developed the allergy during a lab test in which some kind of coloring was injected in her body. One of my coworkers can't even get too close to cockroaches because some parts of her body will get red as a lobster and will have problems while trying to breath. You should take her to an allergist to determine what is causing her problem. Good Luck.
  • I have been suffering with a rash/itchy red spots/ bites for over a month. And I have a generally itchy crawly sensation all over even where there aren't any bites/spots. I have gotten sprayed by the exterminator twice and been to the dermatologist twice. And no one seems able to tell me WHAT it is that is attacking me. Because it's invisible, we think it's either bird mites. Or I have developed an allergy to dust mites. But I DO have termites (and the landlord won't spray for those because he's done it before and they keep coming back). Maybe I am allergic to THEM?

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