• then maybe hes not worth your time if he doesnt even think yu love him? then why is he with someone who he doesnt even think likes him very much, its kind of immature, or maybe hes just like really insecere about himself or something and he doesnt belive that anyone could love him? maybe like show him more, or do little nice things for him or soemthing, how long have u guys been together for? cause sometimes when ppl say I love you to quick its kind of hard to beleive you know
  • Words are only is the actions that back up the words that count so don't try to convince him that you love him, show him. that leaves little room for doubt.
  • I am going through the same thing..I really don't think we can convince them..i think time will just show..i am sure ur like me when he says he doesn't believe you..and u say why don't you..or i dont know why you don't see's hard when we know we love them and they don't believe us..but we are supposed to believe they love us..

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