• He is supposed to tell you the truth. I have no faith in any Dr. Ive seen over 50 in the last 3 years. One did tell me I was going to die, he was being an ass. I went to another state for treatment and told them all that this guy said and they couldn't believe it..Always get a second even third opinion. I did. I still hate drs, and don't trust one, not one.
  • I would want to know right away so I could weigh what my options are for treatment.
  • I would prefer to know where I stand, of course. On the other hand, if the prognosis is something like "15% chance of survival for a year" I'd like my doctor to help me believe I could be among the 15% and not among the 85%. There are such things as miracles..hope is always good to have in your corner. :) Happy Tuesday! :) ((hugs)
  • Yes, how else would I be able to deal with my issues. I have to know what I am working with.
  • Absolutely. He's not getting paid to lie to me.
  • Yep ...Right away ....could give me some time to think over it :) !

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