• Sandwiches Juice Napkins Potato chips
  • Lovin'
  • I'll throw in some fried chicken, and some wine coolers.
  • Beer. Since that's all I seem to be into drinking lately.
  • I hope its a sturdy basket...a small seedless watermelon, some BBQ chicken, brownies and Diet Coke :)
  • A bottle of wine, cheese, olives, sun dried tomatoes, apples, strawberries and a rug
  • sandwiches chips soda chocolate chip cookies
  • I shall fill yours with food, and mine with liquor... wanna go on a picnic??
  • Since we're going to have a sunrise-sunset day at the beach, we don't want to take anything along that would spoil and make us ill. I'd say tons of fruits and veggies..salsa dip (nothing with mayo)..bean salad with an italian dressing..peanut butter (don't groan), spreadable cheese, chips...cookies loaded with healthy things like oatmeal, nuts, maybe bits of fruit...we would have a cooler filled with ice for the drinks..but again, no milk or anything that might get too warm during the day. The main thing would be to have a fun-filled, safe day..we could take energy bars/breakfast bars that are nutritious. ! :) Happy Monday! :)
  • A bottle of my favorite wine, some sharp cheese,some fresh french bread,little pepperoni slices,and polish pickels! Of course you need the perverbial blanket and an umbrella or one of those new beach tents to keep the wind and sand out! The beach is all yours with no others to make it congested! There's not a cloud in the sky! A gentle warm breeze and you can smell the sea air! It's morning and already warm!I see a sail boat near shore going against the wind! It has two masts and is trailing something long from the top of the mast! What's in your dream day?
  • Chilled, in-season fresh fruit or melon; a bottle (or two) of wine - white, red or rose. You would tell me what you felt like having; I would do my best to make it very appealing and appetizing. It could be anything from breakfast - to watch the sun rise, brunch, lunch or dinner - to watch the sun set - to a late-night snack - just in case we decided to watch the stars and planets, a comet, lunar eclipse or a meteor shower. Dessert would be another course we would have to chat about. AND, of course, a blanket, which would also double as a tablecloth for a park's picnic table. Thanks for asking your Q! I enjoyed answering it! VTY, Ron Berue Yes, that is my real last name! Sources: My wonderful family! Was in the Food and Beverage business over 26 years. Prepped picnics LOTS of time for quite a few folks! "THE University of Hard Knocks"
  • Pasta salad, fresh fruit and a bottle of wine.
  • Lager.
  • Chilled Champagne; fresh strawberries; ripe Brie; crusty French bread; grilled chicken marinated in yoghurt, lime-juice and coriander; char-grilled red and yellow pepper salad. A blanket, two champagne flutes, two small china plates, two knves and forks (not plastic)and two linen napkins.
  • Cookies, McDonalds, and wine :)
  • Apples.
  • you dont; want to me :P gazoo
  • A jug of sangria, mac and chicken salad, fried chicken wings, fried padron peppers, cherry pie, napkins, plates, cutlery and cups.
  • Finger sammies, fruit, bottle of wine, single-servs of Ice Cream and a fluffy Blankie to relax on so I could gaze at a lovely person. this is true, the wife and I have done this..
  • Fried Chicken, pulled pork sandwiches with extra sauce on the side. Asian slaw, potato salad, pickled veggies of all kinds, garlicky hummus and wedges of pita, almond and oatmeal cookies, pot au chocolate, wine and sugared grapes. Add a big blanket and several cloth napkins, vase to put flowers in when you pick them.
  • Green salad, Strawberries, apples, iced tea and a tablecloth to sit on.
  • Although I do not drink. A bottle of Bollinger. Some cheese from around the world. A nice semi sweet white wine. Some fruit, strawberries. A blanket for when it gets chilly although not much chance of that!! Haha!! Cutlery, cups,napkins.

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