• Most Canadians would agree because they like salt & vinegar on their chips (French fries). They would say yes in their chicken noodle soup I am sure. Personally I would not care for them because most all flavored chips of all kinds are full of MSG.
    • Ice man
      I know a few people who are allergic to MSG.
    • Thinker
      I read a number of years ago it is estimated 35% of the population is allergic to MSG yet food producers continue to put it in their product. KFC batter on their chicken is loaded with MSG.
  • I love them but would have to try them together before I made a decision.
    • Ice man
      You might be pleasantly surprised. I was. : )
  • I'd try anything once. Except for avocados.
    • Ice man
      So you'd try avocados twice ? Personally I don't care for the stuff.
    • Lilo Avli
      Once bitten, twice shy. Three times a lady.

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