• Yes I put :)
  • Green onion, yes.
  • No idea, my chef prepares it!
  • i dont make it but if i eat it somewhere else and it has onions in it i eat it
  • No onions in mine...."But many people salt before tasting anyway."..I can't figure out why people do that.
  • not really unless its already there
  • Of course. It's the only way to prepare it.
  • raw green onion.
  • Yes, of course. Raw, yellow onion. I wonder they can taste it. With all of that other stuff in there, I'd think the onion flavor would be very much muted. Perhaps it's the recipe? Try this one: {{ }} Personally I go easy on the sweet pickles, chopping only two or three. (Never liked the flavor of sweet pickles, and a whole jar overwhelms the other flavors.)
  • Yes, diced raw onion and diced raw celery. I was a cook for 35 years, I've seen recipes with diced ham in it and many variations. Anymore, the varieties of mustards is finally represented of the world, not the lame old mustard which was the only one available in my city as I grew up. 1 recipe I saw was 2 types of onions, the regular onion as well as the green hollow tube onions. The 1st restaurant I worked in, we were instructed that we had to follow the recipe and keep it consistent as per to depict the menu, but I have always known and instructed, recipes are supposed to mean diagrams to set up and properly alter as time goes by.
  • Yes, I do like onions in potato salad. They would be raw onions or dried onions,
  • Yes I do, I mince them very fine because I like the flavor combination that develops with the onions, the dressing and the eggs in the salad. Without the onions, it doesn't happen. I also use mayo, chopped celery, pickle relish a touch of mustard and some minced parsley and S&P. 3/3/23

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