• 9-26-2017 Not since I got dentures. And I don't eat much fruit since I grew a belly. I pretty much live on steamed veggies, although I have recently developed a fondness for grapefruit.
  • sure, they dont bother me
    • eseo
      True. They don't bother at all.
  • Yes Nuts make it more tasty
  • No Not nuts in a fruit salad. I like carrot, banana, mango, grapefruit, apple.
  • OK so here is a related joke that is a bit crude: A little boy dressed in a cowboy outfit complete with toy pistols enters an ice cream shop with a young woman behind the counter. He acts very tough, pulls out his toy pistols, points them at the young woman, and shouts "I want some ice cream". The woman is amused and asks "What flavor?" "Chocolate". "Two scoops or one?" "Two" "You want nuts on that?" Yes" "You want your nuts crushed?" "You want your tits shot off".
  • I can't digest nuts very well so I basically leave them alone.
  • i dont eat fruit salad much but i like nuts

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