• i believe things did things seperately for the time before you met....if you love someone the seperate time is the time you look forward to the least!
  • i think it's about being able to do things together, but also being able to give each other time to do things on their own as equal balance between the two
  • Both. You are two separate people with separate lives who have chosen to share them with each other. But if you give up everything from your former life, what is there to share?
  • both, you should maintain your individuality, and at the same time enjoy some things together ...
  • Both. There is things you need to do together and there are things that is just more fun without the other person. Example racing nights doesn't interest me every Wednesday so once a month I will go but sure my better half enjoys it with his guy friends aswell and chick movie night once a month he will not enjoy. I believe you should be able to spend time in your own and own things and also do things together.

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