• Very good question. Although I have no answer I would like to see a legitemate one. I heard burying people is good for the trees and the grass as well.
  • yes because I'd freak if I find buried rotting corpses in my backyard. I'd shriek, call 911, threaten to sue the city, tell everybody on AB.
  • It varies from state to state. You do have to aquire a permit from the state to bury family members on your own property, but it has become difficult to do so because houses change hands so often. How would you feel if you bought a house and then discoved 10 graves in your back yard while mowing the grass for the first time? That's why most people do it in cemetaries. It's public and only used for that purpose. Still other factors play a part in the decision: a: Size of property b: Zoning laws c: drain field/power lines location and soooo many more. Your local mortuary or the town commissioner's office would have more info, but be prepared for a lot of strange looks!
  • I don't know about where you are but here in New Zealand if you own your own land you actually only own about the top 2-3 feet of soil. As you need to dig a bit deeper than that to bury a person that's when all the laws come into play :)
  • You have to check your local laws. In most places it is allowed. For most PEOPLE it is not. That's because most people live in urban areas (cities) yo...
  • I would think that, at a minimum, you need to contact your cable, electric, and gas companies to make sure you don't dig into an underground cable, electric, or gas line; in addition, I know my county requires a permit for digging and any outdoor home improvement projects. Like some others have mentioned, the rules/regulations vary.
  • You'd have to check local laws and zoning ordinances.
  • Home burial varies state by state and requires special licensing. The top two things that come to mind are: selling the home and telling the buyer there's a human buried there and a dead body rotting and leaching into the soil and any potential water sources.
  • Good luck ever selling that house because by law you have to tell the buyer.
  • You have to have a permit. You're not allowed to do anything anymore without a permit. That way your local government can nickel-dime you to death. Then they'll bury you in a government cemetery and charge the fees to your estate.

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