• I wish i could have all 3 wishes please, tee hee
  • To always have enough money for anything I want/need. Same for my sister. For Arisztid, he knows what I would wish, and no, neither of us are telling. :D
  • One for me: all of my friends to be happy and well, I'm happy if they're happy. Two: I wish they'd admit I was adopted. Three: Covered in wish number one
  • For me that Sweet T would always have fun in life, for my sister to relax and to my friend Sweet T that she may get 3 wishes;-)
  • For my family member, I hope my husband is ok in Iraq, when he goes in a few weeks. For a friend, I hope her husband is ok, he was in a real bad accident. And for me, I hope our move goes well at the end of the month.
  • For myself, money to help the orphanages I support in Bali, for my family member, that my younger daughter would return to Christ, and for a friend, that her daughter would give up drugs.
  • For me, about a dozen more wishes. At that point things will probably take care of themselves.
  • Long life and good health for all three persons. Can I have more? I have more friends and lots of AB friends I want then to have long life and good health also.
  • they all be in the heart of a Tracy Lawrence song called find out who your friends are. Because I care about my friends & my girls are my best friends & with out all of them I would be __ not worth living.
  • I wish for every one to get all wishes ever asked for... eventually
  • For me: to never have a problem with procrastinating again For a family member: for my parent's mortgage to be paid off so they don't have to scrimp and save to go on their holiday For a friend: for her to realise that she does actually need professional mental help, and to go and get it.
  • For my friend, Karen, I would wish that her mother, who has cancer, would be restored to good health. For my family member, that my Godfather would have the career success that he so desires. For my wish, a larger place in the country where I could keep every four-legged, furry friend that comes my way or that I see in the Humane Society or Animal Shelters.
  • I would wish my Gradnfather didnt have alhtimers I would wish my friend's parents werent abusive I would wish i was the best basketball player ever. (Its like wishing i was rich, only i get to play basketball!)
  • I wish I had the ability to heal. To many close friends and family have suffered in the past due to illness. I'd want to be able to remove any medical problems I see fit. I'd get more out of life healing others than being greedy enough just wishing for material items.
  • For myself. Real, soul-moving happiness. Money is pretty irrelevant to happiness. It makes things easier but money without happiness is empty. A family member. That would be my 23 year old cousin. She has a mental disability. The sweetest person (who actually told me I am her favorite cousin this weekend). For her to be normal. That would be a wish of substance. A friend. If you can believe it this is the hardest one. He isn't a friend today but regardless... to be permanently relieved of his alcoholism so he can fix his life and stop damaging everyone around him. That's about it. It would be nice if everyone had lots of money and all but it's the basics that make the difference in our lives.
  • a nice job for all 3 of us
  • family: more financial stability friend: to never be lonely me: that my wishes for my friend and family come true
  • Me: Enough money to make a movie. Family Member: I'd wish that my sisters child is happy and healthy. Friend: I'd wish that a friend of mine could stop drinking so much.
  • I wish for my oldest son to be in the best enviroment for him. I wish my friend Rochelle sobriety and success. I wish myself to loose 40 lbs
  • Me: King of earth. Family member: Second richest person on earth. Friend:Best shoes on earth.
  • For myself, the ability to feel what it is to be content, peaceful, and HONEST. For my family member, my dad, that his wedding will be everything he wants it to, and that his new love will heal the broken heart of my moms death. To the friend, David. TO find true happiness, no matter what life might toss him. XoXo
  • For me: Everlasting good health. For a family member: To get her GED so she can get into college or trade school and get a good job. For a friend: To get out of whatever trouble she's in and to come and stay with me for a while like we talked about.
  • Me: To at least become friends with this girl that I like. My Family Member: Excellent health. My Friend: For us to have a good continuous relationship.
  • Family, I wish for my mom so stop lying. Friend, I wish for my friend, to see her true self worth. Me, I wish that I I could stop people from being abuse.
  • Family: Serenity, Friend: Sensitiveness, Me: Sanity
  • Me- to be content with who I am Friend- for her family to stop the abuse Family- The ability to get along
  • That I could have those other two wishes you gave away.

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