• Sky scaper under construction. Several floors up, windows not in yet. Builder needs the toilet. Sees a toilet, but unbeknownst to him, its not plumbed. Its just sitting on a low trolley with wheels. Anyway he sits, and a gust of wind comes. The trolley moves fast, stright out the empty window space, and death follows.
  • A woman dying of a brain aneurysm at her husband's funeral.
  • Twins out drinking one night with a car load of friends. One was goofing off and his glasses flew out the window. So, they stopped and backed the car up onto the shoulder and saw that the glasses were in the middle of the interstate. Brilliant thinking here. . .the one twin gets out of the car (drunk) and heads for his glasses. The other sees a semi coming and (also drunk) jumps out of the car to warn his brother. He didn't realize how close he was to the oncoming semi and he gets hit by it. The impact of his body being thrown hits the other twin and kills him. No joke. This happened close to where I lived when I was in junior high. Very bizarre. I tried Googling the names and incident and couldn't find anything, so you'll have to take my word on this one.
  • On those Darwin's Award things, they showed this couple out driving into the country, and they had a dynamite stick. They thought it would be fun to light it and throw it out od the car window. So they light it up and throw it out the window as planned...only, they forgot to open any window in the car. )_o
    • B.H. Wilson
      The same thing happened to me in my car. Fortunately, my passenger tossed a handful of firecrackers!
  • Lots of good ones here.
  • My own, where I made a suicide attempt, suceeded, but as I collapsed I fell on an electric lamp, breaking it and receiving an electric shock that brought me back to life again. Noone ever believes me when I tell that story, but I swear that it really happened!
    • ARTICFOX700
      That's one for the books
  • An oil refinery maintenance worker was doing a repair job inside of a large oil storage tank.He placed a notice on the inlet valve to let others know he was inside.However, someone had removed the notice and closed the lid. The tank was refilled with crude oil and the worker drowned in oil.Some years later the tank was cleaned and they found his body.
  • I alway remember seeing a photo of a man who had sneaked away into a cave to have "sexual relations" with a hen, and his movement had caused a rockfall to land on him and kill him. In the photo he was trapped between rocks, dead, still inside the hen......His family must have been so proud.
  • i heard of 2 seperate deaths but they were very similar. both were girls and they died trying to do a difficult dance (not sure which dance) but they accidentally snapped their necks and died! both girls were in a night club while that happend. i would be terrified if i was something like that! i remember hearing that 1 girl was from queens and the other was from long island ny.
  • my healthy fit nephew aged 25 dying of a heart attack just last month...
  • An old woman in one of those old person buggy mobiles. Went to the beach and accidently reversed off the end of a pier and drowned.
  • Spontaneous combustion
    • Roaring
      That was my first thought as well
  • a boy from my school got ran over by a yacht, they found him 24 hours later
  • I read a book in HS called "The Best, Worst, and Most Unusual, full of funny things. The Worst (or most unusual?) death was a guy who decided to set himself on fire on a clifftop overlooking the ocean in Italy. After lighting the flames, he apparently had a change of heart and began rolling around trying to put out the flames, but rolled over the cliff to his death.
  • A man in England wanted to commit suicide,so he swallowed a load of pills and drank a lot of alcohol.After a while he found that nothing was happening,so he sat on the edge of his bed and started drilling holes into his brain with an electric drill(I think it was seven times?) Anyway,eventually he did die,and at his autopsy it was found that the cause of death was the overdose,and the drilling had not contributed to his death whatsoever.
  • a woman masturbating with a carrot that had a rough edge that caused a tear in her vagina and gave her an air embolism and she died.
  • A bulimic model overstuffed herself and her stomach ripped.
  • Brazen Bull, the builder or inventor (according to the history channel ) was the first victim.
  • Removed
  • There was some sort of cancer which my uncle suffered. During his last days, his tongue melted away, his ear drums and eyes kind of bursted and he could not bear the pain of anyone or anything "touching" him ! He couldn't even wear his clothes, could not drink or eat anything, and was still living ! At that time he said that he wanted to die, and after some days, he did die.
  • Several years ago, the local newspaper reported that someone fell into a tree limb grinder. A local boy fell into a grain grinder at his farm. Same results.
  • Spontaneous combustion
  • In 2001, Bernd Brandes volunteered to be killed and eaten by Armin Meiwes. Since his arrest and conviction, Meiwes has become a vegetarian. Those crazy Germans.
  • Watching people jump from the towers on 9-11.
  • Some Canadian dude urinated on an electric fence once, after 12 pints of strong cider. That was pretty bizarre.
  • Tycho Brahe, a notable Danish astronomer was stabbed multiple times in the face with a sword. But that didn't kill him. He was at a formal banquet where he drank too much, and, since it was poor etiquette to ask to be excused from the dinner table to relieve oneself, he held it. As the dinner ran late, his bladder ruptured.
  • Someone getting struck by a metorite while standing on a bridge.
  • The Lord Jesus Christ died of a 💔
    • Cry me a River
      It burst in the midst of his bowels.. there came out water and blood..
  • The whole list of people on the Clinton Body Count list. One guy shot himself in the back with a bow and arrow. Twice. Then ran himself over with the car.

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