• On the one hand, running hot water over a metal lid will heat the metal and cause it to expand, thus loosening the lid from the glass (which will not expand as quickly). On the other hand, the lid will be all wet and slippery. Dry the lid first. (Easier)
  • Easier. If there's anything sticky between the glass and the lid, it will soften. Also, the metal expands a bit, and so does the air inside the jar if you run the whole thing under hot water for a little bit which causes slight pressure build up inside the jar helping to "push" the cap off as well (instead of sucking it in like vaccuum packing does). But dry it off so it ain't slippery or it's all for naught!
  • Hot water will make the metal lid expand, thereby making it easier to get off. Make sure to dry the lid so your fingers don't slip. Another thing I often try is to take the handle of a butter knife and tap gently around the perimeter of the lid. Then try opening it. As a last resort, try those flat rubber circles advertised in some catalogues. Just place them over the top of the lid and get a good grip on it. They are very helpful in providing enough traction to loosen stubborn lids. They also come in handy for those with arthritic fingers.
  • That isn't the way I heard it. According to what I was taught in physics class, heat expands and cold contracts. Absolute sciences, which includes physics, are not variable or changeable.
  • I've tried the hot water and it doesn't always work. Try this: Hold the jar by the lid end firmly, take your other hand and using your palm, smack the bottom of the jar.(hard enough to change the pressure inside the jar.)Do this twice and most lids will loosen.
  • Mom would do that and if necessary gently hit in a few places the edge of the lid on an angle with the dull end of a butter knife
  • I use the tip of a pointed can opener to pry up the edge of the cap and break the seal.

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