• I would speak to his teachers and ask what is his behavior like in school. I would also speak to his pediatrician or family doctor to see if he has any suggestions. It is possible that this is normal pre-teen obnoxiousness or it maybe someting more serious. It is immpossible to tell from just one question.
  • He's 12 and you are just noticing this now?
  • After you have had him see his pediatrician, there are some steps you can take. When giving instructions, try to give him some decision making power, such as "(this) is the goal, how can you help me achieve it?" or "which of these two tasks would you rather do, and I will do the other one". Try to arrange times when you can both do something, such as putting the dishes away together, or you wash, I'll dry sort of thing. For ease in changing from one activity to another, ask "how much of a heads-up time do you want?" My ADD son always needed at least a 5 minute warning before any changes, such as when it was time to get ready to go to the store, or it's time to go home now (from the park).
  • As good a mother as you might be, my first question to you is; Is the father in the house?. if no, do you have any strong male role models available?. I hate to sound sexist, but boys need men to show them certain things about growing up. Boys will be boys and it takes love and disciplne. Try to find activities that will teach discipline while allowing him to be a boy, something he can be proud of.If he is atheletic, a team sport, if he is not so atheletic maybe an individual sport, such as martial arts, not to fight, but for the discipline. It sounds as though he needs real structure. Set schedules, and dont let him break them!!!!Stay strong, your the boss.. by the way, I have a fifteen year old son myself
  • peer pressure,be patient with him and you must ask him what is bothering him. age 12 is the time they are thinking about leaving not show him any hostility.
  • My son just hit this stage. He is being a brat. I have grounded him from video games, TV, outdoors to get the point across but he doesn't get it. I eve put him to bed early after having him write sentences 75 today and 25 for every night after until his grounding is over. What are these kids thinking? WE are the parent's. I think he needs a good butt whooping but DCFS won't let anyone spank their kids.
  • I had this problem before. Have a strong conversation with him...let him know your expectations. Let him know VERY CLEARLY his punishments, and throw him off by smiling really big when you talk about whippin' his ass if he gives you a lot of static. I have never had to whip my son, but the threat worked. as far as punishments go, make sure you follow through.

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