• Meh, a little bit of both. Depends on what I'm working on at the time.
  • I look forward to it. I like spending my workday on AB.
  • I look forward to it..lifes to short to hate what your doing !
  • It all depends on the day.
  • I used to love it, then I got promoted and it's so hard at the moment, keeping up, so at the moment I hate it. I'll get the hang of it eventually, though :)
  • dread it - and hate it!
  • Depends, I would have to say for the most part I enjoy my job very much. I have been in the Logistics field for almost 20 years and the days still fly by.
  • I hate my job but they let me go on ab all day so I guess its alright.
  • I quite enjoy my work, i have to say.. and im only there about 4 hours a day so i look forward to it.
  • I'm starting to enjoy it more. I do dread the first work day of the week, I usually end up picking up after the previous shifts.
  • I love going to work, and the ability to pay my own way through life and not depending on some government programs. From my work, I could easily afford the lifestyle I've come to enjoy. Food, housing, clothing, healthcare, retirement savings, etc. Not being a bum of the government is a good feeling.
  • Maybe it's not the job but having to get up at 4 AM and drive 25 miles one way.
  • I don't dread going in to work, but I don't look forward to it either. I just work, then look forward to going home :)
  • I actually used to look forward to it ... but now the supervision has changed, everything is MUCH more stressful, and I dread it.
  • Not at all, work is great. If you dread going to work you need to look for a job you will enjoy more. We spend one third of our lives at work so its worth finding an enjoyable role.
  • some times, depending on the day and what we are doing, and who i'll be working with.
  • Not at all! I work with some real genuine people. In today's economy, just to have a job ... everyone should be happy to get up and go.
  • I dread. It's a new job less than 2 months on. Right from the start, they (employer) have been overly-enthusiastic in hiring me. But I was less than thrilled, because I have not stopped work for the 20+ years I have been working. Anyway, I started almost 3 weeks later than initially contracted. I've been tasked to do mostly processing works, getting materials ready. I see the job as assisting in clearing other colleagues' back-logs. They have tons of materials kept in cupboards waiting to clear. I don't see anything I can take ownership of. It's like doing all their dirty job and not getting any credit for it. Although it pays slightly better than my last job, I don't think I'll find any satisfaction out of it. It's a year contract work and I don't know if I'll be able to fullfil it, dreading even the thought of going in the next day.
  • i love my job and usually can't wait to see what someone wants next +
  • I don't dread it, but I can think of plenty of better things to do.
  • i wish i had a job, i hate being out of work

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