• having less bugs around, im getting tired of them
  • yes the cool air, less humidity and my skin rash will clear up.
    • Linda Joy
      Is it prickly heat?
    • ARTICFOX700
      yes it is
    • Linda Joy
      did you find any good ideas at the link above?
  • 8-16-2017 Leaving the windows open all day and all night. (And the lowest electric bills of the entire year!)
    • RareCatch
      Stay ahead1 Aug. 16 2017
    • Linda Joy
      That is nice isn't it!
  • Greeting my kids when they start loading aboard my school bus. I will be so happy to see them all again. I will miss those whom are gone and graduated but then I will have new ones to take their places!
  • Snow~I love the snow! Aug. 16 2017
    • Linda Joy
      I like snow for about a week around Christmas and then I'm done!
    • Linda Joy
      What do you do in the snow?
  • Hi Linda! Aug. 16 1017
    • Linda Joy
      Hey rare catch how are you? Are you here for a little while or just a pit stop? Why don't you ask a few questions?
  • Hitting the ground afterwards.
    • Linda Joy
      Ha ha
  • 8-29-2017 The hardest thing in ice skating, when you come right down to it, is the ice.
    • Linda Joy
      Those blades are harder!
    • Jewels Vern
      Yes dear!

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