• i prefer my own route as i like to see what a place is really like and not jus see the commercialised side of it.
  • Depends where we are. In China I would want to be on a tour because I don't speak the language and would get lost. In Canada I could and have gone it on my own with no problems.
  • I don't want or need a tour and I really don't want to be by myself. I just want one person to walk with, side by side, or sometimes holding each other up, other times one leading the other through the rough spots. Life's journey is better shared, both the wonderful things and the bad times. And a vacation is just a small part of the journey:-)
  • We love to travel and we never go with a group.
  • I like the freedom of coming and going on my own schedule. I might want to spend more time in a museum but on a tour you have a tight schedule to stick to.
  • I'd rather make my own arrangements and own timetable. What if I see something I want to do and the tour wants to keep going? I want to do what I want and when.
  • I'd rather go out and see things without all the goofy tourists. Get the real flavor of the town.
  • The first time (if its someplace like Europe) I think I'd benefit most if I went with a tour so I find out the basics of an area and don't miss out on something simply because I wasn't informed. The second time, I'd go on my own becuase I know the basics well and can begin filling in the rest.
  • I go out and do my own thing...
  • I have done both but prefer my own planning and feel comfortable now doing so.
  • I would like to make my own route. But of course, there are instances where it's much better to be part of a tour. I realized that when my mom and I visited the Reunification Palace (the residence of South Vietnam's president) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam last month. We were about to go out of the Palace when we stumbled upon a group of tourists and their tour guide. We followed them, and we realized that we had not been able to explore the palace that well! We almost missed the basement bedroom of the President, and the communications center nearby. Good thing we followed those tourists :)
  • I've done both. The best is when I plan my own activities. Before I go on vacation, I always research the area for activities.

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