• How about a trip to the vet? If you don't know how to take good care of pets, don't own one.
  • if hes not drinking either give him a little of pedialite u know what they use for babys . and boiled chicken with out bone just a little bit and jar of baby food.just a little. u can also try some small bites dry food with a little of chicken broth.
  • Check its mouth: did you see the animal police episode with the starved dog who merely had a bone wedged between his teeth?? Can't see a bone? Go see a vet.
  • Chocolate works for me! when i'm not feeling like eating i hit the fridge for a cool bar of chocolate, yum yum.
  • You definitely need to take him to a vet.
  • You may try to cook some white rice and 80% lean hamburger. Science Diet makes a food that is mostly this - I don't care for most commercial foods. Also meat baby food is often a hit. You can mix it with his regular food or alone. Most commercial foods use inferrior ingrediants that are overly proccesed. Okay, my opinion. Before that I would take thee to the vet - there are a whole slew of reasons why one refuses to eat, ranging from medical to stress related. If this has been 24 hours or less I would not be much concerned - more, go see the Doc. Good luck

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