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  • i THINK most people who TALK about suicide dont really want to do it... just want a little love!
  • that's what everyone tells me...that there's a difference between saying something and doing something.
  • well I think 90% of those that do talk about are actually just wanting attention or it is a cry for help. Those that commit suicide (my father included) never say anything they just one day do it.
  • No, why on earth would you tell someone to kill themseleves? You never know when someone really means it...not only depressed people kill themselves.
  • Someone told me that If a person wants to do a suicidal act he/she will never tell this to anybody.But if a person always threatening you that he/she is going to suicide,definitely it's not true.
  • Oh hell no! Talking about doing can be the antidote to actually doing it. That being the case, I want them to feel free to talk forever about it.
  • G'day Sadbuttrue, Thank you for your question. No. They should stop talking and seek professional help so that they can get better. Suicide causes enormous pain to a family. Regards
  • Alright then. Seeyou.
  • Oh Hell no; it's time for an intervention. I'd be Johnny on the Spot to stop this nonsense. All life is worth saving, especially when someone says it's not worth living no more. It's time to show some mad love to this person, and ASAP!!!
  • Why would someone kill himself?? no matter what was the reason for someone to kill himself, Patience and the blv in God is the key to overcome all misfourtunes. Eventhough we might think that no body cares about us their is always someone who if your not convinced by patenience and the blv in God then hangon there for them..
  • I have had 3 suicides in my family, one even took her 2 children's live's also. In each case there was not the first clue that any were even thinking of doing such a thing. On the other hand I have known people who threaten suicide every time they go through tough times, but they're still here. I think it's true that these are crying out for help or sometimes just attention. Those who really do it will not have anyone stop them. I will say though that the only thing suicide accomplishes is to destroy entire families. I see those that can never get over it or ever be the same. Suicide truly is a "permanent solution to a temporary problem"!!
  • NO! They SHOULD talk about it. With friends, with family, with couselors, with clergy, with ANYONE who will listen. They need to justify WHY they are talking about it in the first place. The thing most people who are talking about it, or those who DO it, don't consider is the effect it has/will have on people: Their family - No matter how most family members feel about each other, if someone DOES commit suicide, there's always guilt... From the smallest member of the family to the parents to the grandparents and beyond. The children of a suicide will find a way to blame themselves, even if they had absolutely NOTHING to do with it. The parents, grandparents and beyond, will wonder if there was anything they did to cause it, if they could have/should have seen some signs, or could have done to prevent it. Friends, Coworkers, people the suicider just sees fairly regularly, and even those they don't will be affected, saddened by the loss - of a friend, collegue, client/customer, and just the way it happened in the community. Many will also be struck by the lost potential of the victim. Who knows what they could have accomplished in life. What if Beethovan had committed suicide when he lost his hearing, instead of continuing to compose? What if Van Gogh had committed suicide when instead he cut off his ear? And NO ONE really understands the lives they and their actions touch and what it does for those people. Think "It's a Wonderful Life", here. Something they never did or will do, something they never write, something they never produced, something they never said... simply because they opted out of life... Think of ALL the people, all the things, that could potentially be affected by the loss of a single human being. Let them talk. And help point out to them all they have, all they will affect, and all they have to look forward to, if they'll just wait through the tough times they're having. KEEP them talking. It will help prevent them from doing.
  • Even if they don't really mean to kill themselves, there's definitely a problem big enough to make them say it, and even if they just want attention, then there must be a reason why. I'm corny but listening can be a great remedy. You can never really tell with this subject, I wouldn't generalize something so critical as suicide or suicidal tendencies, anyway.
  • No, they should not do it. Three brilliant people have jumped from a local bridge to their deaths this month and it has made me sad and I don't even know them. A 53 year old lawyer, a 27 year old computer specialist who has published his writings and a 49 year old special education teacher. If I was on the bridge that day, I would have risked myself to stop them from jumping over the edge.
  • You sound like Charles Manson. I think that was the guy who thought that same way you put the question, but many people that want to commit suicide, have some kind of reason, their in serious depression mode and it take a toll on them, they can never see any positive outlooks on anything, and the hatred they have for themselves really controls their mind, like one of my friends was mad that his girlfriend broke up with him and he thought no girl would ever be with him again, Like he wasn't good enough, I've talked to him over and over again and I let his parents and brother know, but as days went on, that's all he thought of, so he did do it, he died at age 23, and I regret that I didn't try harder to prevent it. Suicide is a touchy subject.
  • no that is pretty cold had two friends ommit suicide and miss them alot...noone should have to sink this low ever! should be more help out there.
  • no, because talking about it can save your life, i know it has saved me and i dont regret talking about it, no one has to go through this alone and staying silent only makes things worse, so i really hope everyone who has sucidal thoughts talks about them instead of going through with it.
  • No one should ever kill themselves yo...

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