• earliest is 6 weeks but its better to let them 8 weeks in their mothers cage. but you have to let the young babies in the other cage for a wile so they can wean properly the already can mate at 10 weeks but it is not good for them. i would not sel them just becuse you want to make money. because there are many homeless rabbits in rescue center. i ts hope that helped
  • You can wean them at 6 weeks of age but they will grow better if you let them stay with their mother until they are 8 weeks old. By that time they will be eating well on their own and the doe will be glad to have them gone. You can place them in a cage together away from her. She won't miss them and they will soon be maturing and don't need their mom. Don't keep rabbits older than 10 weeks if they are small breed rabbits. If they are large or giant breeds you can figure two more weeks or more before they develop sexually. But it is months too early to actually be safe enough for them to breed. They still need to finish growing themselves. Most rabbits should be 6-9 months old before being used for breeding.
  • i red somewhere that three months is when they should be seperated, but i have seen 6 week old rabbits being sold. mine are almost three months and im almost ready to take them away. i also read they can begin mating on their own at 3 months but im not sure if its right. they can also make their own family pregnant too right? id say seperate them soon or get them fixed.
  • i would say 6-8 weeks before weaning them and when you wean them put the mother and the babies in different cages but close to each other.when you put the babies in other cages make sure that they have food water and they are somewhere warm about room temp or a little higher. also it is not healthy for the rabbit to mate at 6 weeks old wait till they are about 16 weeks old or older.

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