• I'd call the pet store where you got it and ask them. Ear plugs may help! We always used a glass (fish tank type) container. Good luck! You know they're prolific breeders, right? Be careful!
    • Linda Joy
      You could put a piece of plexiglass between the hamster and the bar,but you may have to remove the lid to do that which kinda defeats the purpose of the door but it might work. Did you get the cage from the pet store?
    • Minh Thạch
      Hi, thanks for the advice, yes I got the cage from the pet store.
  • she dont like being in a cage, let her out
    • Minh Thạch
      I did let her out and put her in the hamster ball for 30 minutes twice a day. I don't know if it's enough for her, sometimes I also let her running around for an hour.

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