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  • Just ask him to hang out:) Wanna hang out sometime or something, he'll think it's cool because, you as the girl are asking; and you can see how it goes from there:)
  • "lets hangout this weekend" "I'm going to the mall on sat, want to hangout" "we should hangout sometime"
  • There's no point in thinking about it like that. If you do, you are most likely never going to end up hanging out with him. Why not just ask him if he wants to hang out sometime? I have asked guys to hang out with me before, although I didn't really have any ulterior motives behind it, mind you, and they didn't really seem to have a problem with me at all. They know I'm not desperate, so I don't need to prove that I'm not. Look at this with a different attitude. You might have different results that way.
  • bring it up casually in a conversation or say "(name here) i think we have a lot in common.want to go to (destination here)?
  • I agree with the rest of them. Just casually say that the two of you should hang out. Have a few ideas in mind, like someplace to eat or a bar, or some new thing you want to see, or any good local destination.
  • try to insert it into some funny comment like "I hear (movie) is pretty good, I kinda want to see it. Hey if you come with, I promise there'll be a extra large tub of popcorn with your name on it!!" just a tip, it usually works for me.
  • dude!!!! I have the same problem! First point: If you ask him out just think its okay to be rejected, but i dont think you will... second point: By asking him out you will not sound desperate!! These days guyz are shy themselves maybe he realy likes you and doesn't wana be rejected himself! So trust me give it a try you'll be glad you did.
  • ok well, i had the same thing with this guy i worked with. he would gchat w me daily in the mornings to say gm/hola chica etc and we'd flirt all day long... and he'd tell me if i looked good today or something... any way we were both experiencing severe dry spells and both had crushes on each other but he's not aggressive, but i too, like you, wanted to hang out more. so, i thought one day while chatting with him... ok you're cute, im cute. we're both single. we're both horny. so, one day i was like, maybe we should hook up and become fb's. *as a joke* but kinda not.. then we went for drinks...yada yada . he is my bf now. humor always helps :)
  • Maybe just ask if he wants to catch up today/tomorrow/whenever and go do something together :)
  • Think I get this question. You need to flip it. Say something like, "So when are you gonna stop being a tease and ask me out?" If he is in to you, he'll take the cue. If not, then he's gay LoL, no, just kidding. I saw your picture tho so I don't think you'll have any problems. (Smile)
  • First of all you need to change your name on here. You can't possibly call yourself a sexadvisor if you can't even ask someone to hang out! Ok. First off I'd figure out what he's into then invite him to something you know he likes. Guys aren't usually into shopping so I doubt the mall is going to set off his "YIPPEE" meter. Maybe a sporting event, a concert, an art exhibit... heck if he's into clog dancing and hog calling it doesn't matter it matters that you cared enough to find out what he's into and want to do it with him. You should also make sure he's not already with someone else or has something to hide. That could be a reason he doesn't 'hang out'.

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