• I think my mind just literally caved in.
  • cos they float
  • They float through the floor and/or ceiling if they want to.......
  • In a common sense Ghost is a spirit can go where-ever it desires with no barriers. Meaning it can not be contained unless it wishes to be contained. It would not just go through a wall because it has no choice but desires to go through a wall. the floor would be the same.
  • That's a really good question and my youngest son asked a similar one of a character in the TV series, Enterprise, who used the transporter for the first time and it went wrong. She was basically like a ghost, her hands went through things, she could walk through walls, people couldn't see her. So, my son asked why she didn't fall through the floor. Sadly, I was unable to offer him an answer and I'm afraid I must say the same to you. Brilliant question, though :)
  • because, the only types of "ghosts" that can walk through a wall are those of which of a residual haunting. They're not ghosts, they are patterns of energy that have been stored, and have been playing over and over again, like a broken record. This type of paranormal haunting has no intelligence, and does this whether or not you are there.
  • This is a good question. If ghosts are considered ethereal beings, and furthermore do not interact with matter in that a wall poses no issue, then they can be expected to not have any matter. If there is no matter, they cannot interact with the gravitational force. Hence, they wouldn't get "sucked" into the earth by gravity. This still leaves the conundrum of what, exactly, they are, since their properties are annoying: 1. They can move "through" objects, with no effect upon that object, at varying speeds, and are unbound by gravity, leading us to suspect a being without mass. 2. They may interact with light, either reflecting or emitting light, leading us to believe that they operate via electromagnetic interaction. Also, to emit light, they'd require an energy source or storage. 3. They accelerate and move, which by conventional physics, requires a force upon a mass, and an energy source/storage but since no mass is present... 4. They make noises, which (conventionally) means that they must have a mass to interact with other masses, and energy to do so. Clearly we can conclude that conventional physics cannot deal with such a strange creature, and thus should not be applied as it would with everyday objects.

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