• Nope, your just a busy person that is always thinking, IMO it's a healthy thing. You will slowdown as time goes on.
  • Sounds like hyper thyroidism!
  • Oh ok, whew. I also tend to over analyze situations, especially with my relationship(bad idea) and if theres a group of people, I tend to be the only one sitting leaned forward with my forearms on my knees. Still don't think this is anxiety?
  • lol hyper thyroidism, hmmm. I'll have to look that up:) BTW thanks a ton LynfromNM, thats great advice, because I don't think I have a disorder either. Maybe some anxiety from time to time, but I just need to step back and relax sometimes, and do everything you said basically:P Thanks a ton for the support. And can someone tell me why I never get the confirmation e-mail when I request it, my account is still uncomfirmed and there have been countless times when I've wanted to award points for great advice!

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