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  • Maybe when he's around you he gets irritable bowel syndrome.........You may think this does'nt reflect well on you but it does. He's so nervous he loses all bodily functions.
  • Sounds like he is nervous. I don't know the age, he might be trying to entertain his friends,....yet seems attracted to you. Might be confused between guy friends and girls. .......If he chooses to spend time getting to know you,...he fears losing the attention of his buddies.? Just a guess, not an answer.
  • sounds like hes part cat.
  • Nice Rude Jerk Jummpy Calm Cautious Curious Quiet He just might be in love with you and doesn't know how to act. Or with so many mood changes I'd suspect a possible bipolar disorder. I'd watch that one for a while before making a sound decision.

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